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Old 02-20-2012, 10:15 AM
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Default Bug list Topogun 2 Beta 1

Hi All,

I've been using Topogun on a load of different projects and I really like its quick workflow. Topogun is shaping up nicely to becoming the Silo of retopologising software. It is not without its faults though, here is a little list I have made while working on different projects.

- Points sometimes are placed under(/in) the reference mesh and then can't be selected anymore, not even when you hide the reference mesh.

- Points, edges, and faces on the other side of the reference mesh can be seen through the reference mesh. This can make it difficult to see which points to use.

- Points, edges and faces on the other side of the reference mesh can be selected (and moved etc) through the reference mesh after wich they will be reprojected through the camera and end up on the facing side of the reference mesh. This is a reall BIG bug as it can happen several times during working on one side of the mesh. After you discover what happend it is often too late to undo and you have to clean up the mess.

- When translating, rotating or scaling multiple points/edges/faces from the other side of the reference mesh, those points/edges/faces will be re-projected to the facing side of the reference mesh. Adjusting edge loops for instance can't be done with the widget because of this bug, but have to be done point by point.

- Soft Selection wil re-project everything form the camera, so if point/edges/faces of the other side of the reference mesh are part of the selection, they will be on the wrong side of the mesh after using this.

- Single points can be transformed freely, but single edges or faces have to be transformed through the widget, forcing me to click multiple times (Which can add up to a LOT during retopologising). It would be better if I can also translate single edges and faces without the widget, just like single points.
For multiple points/edges/faces we could use the widget, but I would prefer no widget (or optional) and just use the 'W', 'E' and 'R' keys for translate, scale and rotation.

- Symmetry a lot of times gives problems on the automated side of the mesh with points and edges which are not created or which are welded together.

- Symmetry on the Mac platform is unusable because of its many bugs.

- It would be very handy if you could select the 'Bridge Tool' to make only quads (where possible)

- With the insertion of points in existing edges the new point is placed under the cursor instead of on the line. This results in wobbly edges which need to be cleaned up afterwards, which forces me to do extra unnecessary work.

- With the inserting of points on existing points the same happens. The inserting point highlights but the point will be made at the position of the cursor, thus moving the original point to that position, adjusting your polyflow at that point. This means that it will have to be moved back again, which is unnecessary extra work. When inserting points, the original points and edges should stay at their position.

- It is impossible to copy a selection to the other side of the mesh with 'Create Symmetry'. It will always copy the whole mesh, disregarding any selection.

- 'Snap To Ref' totally destroys your edge flow.

- Topogun begins to really slow down with meshes above 1000 faces. The lag can become several seconds, making the whole process feel sluggish at best. This is quite worrying if you are not even halfway though your retopologising.

- Is it possible to have a 'Insert Edge Loop' tool' or shortcut? Sofar, if you want to insert edge loops, you have to do it one point at the time.

Ok, there it is what I have encountered so far. I might add stuff if I find more. Let's hope Topogun is only becoming like Silo in its workflow and not in its development

Cheers, Simon

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