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SINGLE license FLOATING license

A SINGLE license allows you to run one instance of TopoGun at a time. The license is bound to one person and can only be active on an unique computer at a time. In order to move it to another computer, you should deactivate it on the computer it was previously installed and activate it on the other computer.

A SINGLE license can be activated Offline or Online.

Note that if you choose one activation method, you won't be able to switch to the other one.

The Offline activation method is useful when installing TopoGun on a computer that has no Internet connection. Still, you need to navigate to the TopoGun website in order to activate your license, but that can be done on another computer, using your computer's TopoGun activation request data.

The Online activation method is useful when installing TopoGun on a computer that has an Internet connection. TopoGun connects to the online license server and activates the license for the computer you installed it onto. In order to move the license to another computer, you should first open TopoGun and return the license to the server.

A FLOATING license allows you to run a limited number of TopoGun instances within an unique computer network (usually a LAN). You are not allowed to use the same license on more than one network.

This kind of licensing model is useful for big studios, where there will be more than one person using TopoGun at the same time. Instead of buying a FLOATING license for each computer, you could buy several floating licenses for your network, usually less than the number of computers within the network.

FLOATING licenses are managed and installed on one computer within the network (the server). The server should have the TopoGun License Server application installed, with at least one valid FLOATING license.

A FLOATING license has a special attribute, called CAPACITY, which defines how many computers within the Local Area Network can run a TopoGun instance. Please enter the desired capacity in the Quantity order form field.

The displayed price is for a floating license with a capacity equal to one.

$100 $250

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